WP Labor Input and Human Capital


This module presents the measurement methodology and series for labor input and human capital series for the ARKLEMS database.


The labor input and human capital workpackage of the ARKLEMS Project presents the methodology and series for the measurement of labor input’s contribution to Argentinean growth, based on Jorgenson`s methodology and EUKLEMS experience, considering not only personal attributes but also occupational and industry jobs characteristics.

The methodological investigation includes, some special measurement topics, such as: labor intensity, labor hoarding, the measurement of human capital in terms of productive human capital (the Mulligan-Sala-i-Martin approach) and human capital as wealth (Jorgenson- Fraumeni approach).

ARKLEMS research considers special features of Latinamerica and Argentine labor markets, such as the importance of the informality and segmentation in labor markets, underreported labor income, etc.


Argentine Case:

International Experience:

  • Jorgenson, Dale W. and Barbara M. Fraumeni. (1996b): The Output of the Education Sector. In Postwar U.S. Economic Growth, ed. Dale W. Jorgenson, 333-370. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
  • Serrano, Lorenzo (2009): “Capital humano vs. Productividad: el caso de España”, (“Human Capital vs Productivity: the case of Spain”) in Fuentes Del Crecimiento y Productividad En Europa y América Latina. Novedades Metodológicas y Resultados Recientes. Fundación BBVA-IVIE.

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