WP Capital and Natural Resources


ARKLEMS database provides methodology and series for the following variables: Capital Stock and Capital Service Input for Produced Assets and Natural Resource by asset type and industry.


Taking into account the EUKLEMS experience, the capital workpackage of the ARKLEMS project presents a disaggregation of the main variables in different asset categories: ICT (information and communications technologies: computers, software, communications equipment), Transport Equipment, Residential Construction, Non Residential Construction, Other machinery and equipment. The estimations are both in terms of net capital and as capital service input for each of the categories and by industry.

Some special capital measurement topics are analyzed: hedonic valuation, ICT capital, the treatment of residential capital stock, econometric estimation of capital goods depreciation, public infrastructure, among others.

Considering special features of the Argentine Economy, capital workpackage also includes the methodology and series of natural resources: agricultural land and subsoil assets, in terms of both the net capital or wealth and productive services.


Argentine Case:

International Experience:

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