ARKLEMS Workshop and Conferences

International Workshops (ARKLEMS and IVIE)

  • Productivity and Growth of Argentina. 5th ARKLEMS+LAND Conference Presentation of ARKLEMS Project at the V International Congress of Economics and Management – ECON 2011, November 2011, School of Economic Sciences, UBA. More info.
  • Investment, Productivity and Growth in the new global scenario. Organized by IVIE – FBBVA, ECLAC, Prosperar, AECID: November 2009, Foreign Ministry of Argentina. Panel on Challenges and Opportunities for Argentina and the Region. More info.
  • Diagnosis and Sustainability of Post Crisis Global Growth. Coordinator: Ariel Coremberg, XLIV Annual Meeting of the Argentine Association of Economics (AAEP). November 2009, UNCuyo. More info.
  • Productivity and growth in Latin-America and Europe: experiences and recent approaches. Organized with IVIE – FBBVA-CEPAL-UDESA. Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2008. Keynote Speaker: Dale Jorgenson-Harvard University. More info.
  • Capitalization and Sustained Growth. International Experiences, Analysis and Policies, Organized by IVIE – FBBVA-CEPAL-OECD 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Keynote speaker: Paul Schreyer-OECD. More info.

ARKLEMS team in International Events:

  • The first WORLD KLEMS Conference, Harvard, University, August 2010. More info.  “Measuring Productivity in Unstable Land Rich Economies”
    Presentation of ARKLEMS Project.
  • 31st General Conference International Association for Research in Income and Wealth IARIW, St-Gallen, Switzerland, August 2010. More info
    – Presented paper: “The Economic Value of Human Capital and Education in an Unstable Economy: the Case of Argentina”
  • Contemporaneous Problems of the Argentinean Development, year 2009. Institute for the Social and Economic Development (IDES). Seminar dictated by Professors Bernardo Kosacoff, Roberto Bisang, Fernando Porta and Ariel Coremberg.
  • XLIV Yearly Meeting of the Argentine Economic Association. (AAEP), Coordination of Round Table: Analysis and Measurement of the Sources of Economic Growth. November 2009, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (National University of Cuyo).
  • III International Congress of Economics and Management, ECON 09. “Analysis and Measurement of the Argentine”. Economy May 2009, School of Economic Sciences, UBA
  • The 2008 World Congress On National Accounts And Economic Performance Measures For Nations– Sponsored by: NBER, USDA, BEA, University of Alberta School of Business, Industry Canada, Statistics Canada, W.E. (IMF), University of Queensland, among others.
    -Presented Papers: “Measurement Problems of TFP Performance in an Unstable Economy” and “Depreciation of Durable Goods in an Unstable Economy: The Case of Argentina”
  • OECD-Canberra Group II On Measurement on Non-Financial Assets. Canberra II/NESTI meeting 24-27 April, 2007, Paris.
    Discussion of “Measuring Capital, Revised Manual”
    -Presented Paper: “Depreciation in An Unstable Economy: The Case of Argentina”.
  • 29th General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth IARIW. Joensuu, Finland, August 20-26, 2006. More info
    -Session Title: Productivity II. Presented Paper: “Causes of Labor Productivity inArgentina.”
  • OECD-Canberra Group II On Measurement on Non-Financial Assets Meeting, 10-13 October 2003, Chateau de la Muette, Paris-Salle 4.
    – Presented Paper: “Capital Services in Argentina”.
  • 28th General Conference International Association for Research in Income and Wealth IARIW .Cork, Ireland 2004.
    – Presented Paper: “TFP Growth InArgentinaDuring The 90`S. A Stylized Fact?”
  • XII World Congress of International Economic Association, 1999.
    – Presented Paper: A Further Comment on Capital Reallocation, Real Exchange Rate And Uncertainty in a Small Open Economy Revisited.

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