Productivity, Competitiveness and Sources of Growth of Argentina

ARKLEMS +LAND is a research project on the measurement, analyses and international comparisons of the sources of economic growth, productivity and competitiveness of the Argentinean economy at macro and industry level.

The methodology is based on KLEMS framework (Capital, Labor, Energy, Material and Service Inputs) developed by Pr. Dale Jorgenson (Harvard University), who leads the WORLDKLEMS Project together with Marcel Timmer (Groningen University) and Bart Van Ark (Conference Board and Groningen University).

The ARKLEMS + LAND project is organized by a team of Argentinean academics and researchers from the University of Buenos Aires, thanks on fifteen years of experience in KLEMS measurements of sources of growth, audit by a prestigious academic committee.

The main outcome of ARKLEMS+LAND research,  is a dynamic database on investment, capitalization, human capital, natural resources, the effect of ICT’s, technological progress and productivity by industry, that allows the analysis and international comparison of Argentina growth’s profile.

The research takes into account international experience on the measurement of economic growth: WORLDKLEMS, EUKLEMS, OECD, Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas (IVIE), ASIA-KLEMS, LA-KLEMS, BEA, BLS, ERS-USDA, CSLS and recent economic literature on measurement of productivity and sources of growth.

Special features of LatinAmerica and Argentina have been considered: Natural Resources (Agricultural Land and Subsoil assets), Public Infrastructure, Non Observed Economy (NOE), Informality and Segmentation in Labor Markets, Economic Cycle and Crisis effects on productivity performance, among others.

 The following institutions support several modules of the ARKLEMS + LAND :

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